That Difficult Second Blog

My name is Tim and I used to blog here¬†from May 20th 2004 until June 12th 2012. It was a weird journey from immensely moody teenager to thoughtful 20-something (seriously, you should read some of the really old posts – they’re all “nobody likes me” and they r written lik dis coz i fort that wos cool, yeah? Highly embarrassing but very funny) . But in June it felt that my time there had come to an end and I just stopped writing.

It was about this time that I was praying and going through some of the things God has spoken to me over the last ten years in my journal. On one page I had written the words “generation: arise!” and I was like “hmmm, this seems significant but I don’t know what purpose God whispered those words for”. As I thought about it I realised that this has become my heart cry. I’m involved at a church called King’s Centre in Sheffield where I am part of a young adult team. We’re really passionate about raising up disciples in creative and unique ways. It’s been an interesting and fun journey so far. I particularly spend a lot of time with students as I head up the student missional community at KC. This is a delight because we have some really awesome students who are pursuing Jesus and that’s exciting.

Anyway, the Lord began to talk to me about raising up a generation of people who pursue his heart first. Who love radically. Who go on a day-to-day adventures with Jesus, having fun and seeing the kingdom advance. That’s what I have ended up doing really and to be honest, it seems that that is all I am passionate about. So I started my new blog with that name… “GENERATION: ARISE!” Not that a blog will see a generation stand up and become all that it could be! But blogs are a great place to share ideas or communicate what I am learning or what’s on my heart. I love creativity and writing is something I enjoy doing. So that is what I will be doing.

Thanks for reading! It’s going to be a great journey and the best bit is I have no idea where we will end up!