Are you content with merely existing? Or do you actually want to live? So many people in this generation are walking around with no purpose, not realising that there is the perfect Dad in heaven who radically loves them. We are called to advance, not retreat. We are called to stand up, not sit on our bottoms all day. It is time for this generation to arise and step into who we were made to be. It is time to dream big. It is time to see the Kingdom of God advance on a day-to-day basis.

My name is Tim and that is my mandate. I exist to carry and demonstrate the love of God in every situation, every single day, in any way that he is moving. I am learning to live for him. I am learning to be dangerously alive. Adventure with Jesus is fun. I want to grow in his love daily. This site is to inspire like-minded people to stand up and pursue his heart above all things so that we can transform this world by simply loving people. That’s a revolution I want to be part of.


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